15 Days to Slow Down the Spread

This afternoon, President Trump and the White House Coronavirus Task Force issued new guidelines to help protect Americans during the global Coronavirus outbreak. The new recommendations are simple to follow but will have a resounding impact on public health. While the President leads a nationwide response, bringing together government resources and private-sector ingenuity, every American can help slow the virus’ spread and keep our most high-risk populations safe: Listen to and… Read More »15 Days to Slow Down the Spread

Grand Princess cruise ship to dock in Oakland on Monday

The nearly 3,000 travelers stranded off the San Francisco coast on the Grand Princess cruise ship because of a coronavirus outbreak will dock in Oakland on Monday, giving sick passengers a chance to receive medical treatment after more than two weeks at sea. – Los Angeles Times

Italy is shutting down all schools nationwide amid coronavirus outbreak

Italy has decided to take extreme measures to fight the coronavirus outbreak, by shutting down all schools for at least two weeks. Every school, from day cares to colleges, will be shut down starting Thursday and will remain closed until at least March 15. As of Wednesday night, more than 3000 people have been infected, with 107 killed. Italy already closed schools in the northern part of the country last… Read More »Italy is shutting down all schools nationwide amid coronavirus outbreak

WHO Pets Coronavirus

WHO Advice to Debunk Coronavirus Rumors

The World Health Organiztion (WHO) published several info-graphics to debunk rumors regarding the deadly Novel Coronavirus. Since the images are already in English, we’ll explain them in Chinese below.

1. 宠物感染新冠状肺炎?


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